What Would Martin Say?

Watching this whole "Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump," I am disgusted! The fact that the Republican Party is so united behind this criminal truly disgusts me. They unanimously voted against Chuck Schumer's amendments to Mitch McConnell's rules for the trial to subpoena White House witnesses and documents. How on earth is there supposed to be a fair trial without evidence and witnesses?

We all know that Donald Trump is a racist. Anyone who votes to protect a racist is also, most likely, a racist. For what other reason are they trying to allow him to remain in office - aside from the fact that he is lining their pockets and cutting their taxes? "Keep me in office and you'll get richer," is his mantra; and they've swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. They may use all kinds of excuses to defend their actions. But we are not fooled. If you protect a racist, then you are a racist!

The tragedy of all this is, again, black people don't matter. Our issues have been completely swept under the rug. No one is talking about the fact that young black men are being murdered by white police. No one is talking about the scourge of poverty within the black and brown communities. No one is talking about Africa, the U.S./Mexico border, racism, or discrimination. International news consists of what happened and didn't happen in Ukraine. 

Young black boys don't care about Ukraine! They would prefer to see four hundred million dollars spent in their own communities. Republicans have seen to it that young black Americans are completely uninterested in what's happening in the national news. Blacks are already considered to be too far to the left, and how can Democrats focus on getting Republicans on the right to agree with them or come over to their side if their arguments can be dismissed as being fueled by a left wing agenda? When was the last time we heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being interviewed on the news? We have peen pushed out of the limelight, off of the stage.
The two African-American representatives on the Democratic team of House Managers - Val Demings of Florida and Hakeem Jeffries of New York - are both perceived by young African Americans as doing the white man's bidding. They are not able to speak to the nation on issues pertaining to our community. Here again, they are forced to focus on Ukraine. Young black people don't care about Ukraine! Few white Americans, for that matter, care about Ukraine, or even know where Ukraine is!

The members of the House of Representatives made the symbolic gesture of having a black woman carry the actual Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. And of course, I have heard young black folks laughing that they had to get a black "maid" (House Clerk Cheryl Johnson) to carry the papers for them.

Mitch McConnell
Donald Trump is a criminal. Everyone knows it. Yet these racist Republicans are bent on defending him. I hope the Republican Party will see an uprising like they've never seen before geared toward getting them booted out of office. We all know what Mitch McConnell is. He showed his true colors in front of the confederate flag. He has already shamelessly announced that he will not be impartial or objective. The day he is voted out of office will be a day to rejoice. That he was allowed to rob President Obama of his Supreme Court pick was an abomination. The fact that he still sits as Senate Majority Leader is a disgrace to our "democracy." How could he be allowed to do this? I find myself asking the same questions over and over again.

Kamala Harris
Now that we've lost our only two black candidates for president: Kamala Harris and Cory Booker - again, because of lack of money, how are Democrats supposed to pique our interest? If Democrats want the black vote, or black participation of any kind, they're going to have to do better than this. We're not stupid. We know when we're being whitewashed. The right wing has done exactly what they intended to do by making young African Americans uninterested in politics. Look at the corrupt defeats of last year: Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, et al. Young people are learning that, if you're rich enough, criminals can get away with criminality. Donald Trump is getting away with it! All of it! And no one has the courage or the power to stop him. How can this be?

Cory Booker
What would Martin say? Does he still have a dream? But when the bad guys win, what happens to the rest of us? Will Trump ever be held accountable? Your guess is as good as mine.


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